Capital Of The Persian Empire

Persepolis 12 Days Cultural Tour

12 Day - Cultural Tour

Capitals of the Persian Empire’ explores five ancient capitals of Ecbatana, Susa, Persepolis, Pasargadae and Isfahan while uncovering some of the fascinating highlights of this country includingsix of the outstanding UNESCO Tangible World Heritage Sites of Iran: the 5th century BC rock relief at Bisotun; the world’s best preserved and architecturally unique ziggurat of the 13th century BC religious complex of TchoqaZanbil ; the 5th century BC palatial complex of Persepolis; the 6th century BC capital of Pasargadae from where Cyrus the Great ruled an empire that touched the boundaries of the known world; Naqsh-iJahan Square in Isfahan, representing the climax of Islamic architecture of the 17th- century Persia and Eram Garden, as the epitome of Persian Gardens.

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Pasargad Persia Classic Cultural Tour

8 Day - Cultural Tour

Shiraz, Isfahan, Tehran

“Persia Classic” takes an innovative approach to visiting Iran wherein the breathtaking vista of elegant mosques, citadels, and tombs as well as the awe-inspiring majesty of ancient empire of Persia, all in all, awake a sense of appreciation among the eager beholders. The acme of architecture and one of the cradles of civilization are in the waiting-to-see list when visitors step into Kashan, having taken a sip of the freshness of Persian Gardens. The World Heritage Site of Iran’s modern capital, Golestan Palace, showcases the dignity of the city besides Niavaran and Sa’dabad palaces, counted among the masterpieces of Today Tehran.

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